Silicone shampoo comb
Silicone shampoo comb
Silicone shampoo comb
Silicone shampoo comb
Silicone shampoo comb

Silicone shampoo comb

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Material : silica gel

Why you choose us : With the progress of social times, people use their brains excessively every day, and their heads cannot be relaxed ;

The bacteria hidden in the nails not only damage the roots of the hair, but they also don't clean enough ;
Nails that are too hard can also damage the scalp and hair roots ;

Design advantage : 

Round non-slip design handle : Smooth surface, fine polishing, no edges and corners, let you grasp more comfortable when washing hair 

The handle is made of high quality ABS material : Good toughness, wear - resistant, with excellent physical and mechanical properties

 Dry wet amphibious

PE shampooing brush: comb teeth with high quality PE shampooing, comb teeth soft, not hurt the scalp, clean, with comfortable 

You can choose between two materials  

comb teeth made of silica gel  and comb teeth made of silica gel 

For the  silica gel :

For the PE:



Do not use in case of scalp injury, redness, eczema, etc.

To avoid damaging the scalp and hair, do not over-wipe;

Please do not turn the comb like drawing a circle to avoid the phenomenon of hair winding;

Do not use damaged or deformed brushes;

After use, please rinse with clean water and place in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

Please avoid direct sunlight or high temperature

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